Vintage Props + Décor

Transport your guests to another time with the perfect vintage props and décor. No need to scour the markets for the ideal end table, easel or chandelier. Just rent from our props and décor inventory. Quantities are limited. Create your wish-list and contact us to reserve your favorites with your Couture Event's specialist today.

Showcase Selection of Vintage Props and Décor

Silver Wooden Ladder 12-

Gray Console Table 25-

Vintage Door 20-

Straight Ladder 8-

Chandeliers lg 25- sm 20-

Vintage Console Table 20-

Galvanized Tubs 25-

Wooden Crates starting at 3-

Galvanized Tubs lg 8- sm 5-

Drink Dispensers 8-

Galvanized Trough 20-

Place Card Tray 10-

Chicken Wire Window 10- per section

Grapevine Arbor 100-

Grapevine Arbor 100-

Hoop Arbor 125-

Hoop Arbor 125-

White Metal Trellis 45-

Pipe, Base + Crossbar 5- each

Fire Table + Chairs 290-

Fire Table + Chairs 290-

White Wooden Trellis 60-